Massage body, facial care. Many tourists have voted 5 stars.

Massage body hot stone Special 420,000 vnd.

Facial skin care, (Cost 580,000) discount 420.000 vnd.

Foot massage 169.000 vnd.

The best sevice massage and facial care address in Hanoi.

* Helps the body to circulate blood.
– Relaxing full body massage with natural herbs in a new style, methodically performed.
– Professional massage techniques and manipulations combine therapy with essential oils derived from pure nature and hot stones, which are both good for the body in general and the skin in particular, while helping to relax the spirit, energy recovery. after a tiring day at work.
==> Enjoy moments of relaxation and effective energy recovery with this special service package.
Warda Spa Organic is a prestigious relaxation address to help you reduce stress after tiring working days.
– Polite, clean, quiet space.
– A team of professional technicians, dedicated to the profession.
Some pictures of customers coming to use body massage and facial skin care.

* Address : 106A2, Lac Chinh, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi
* Hotline: 0979 040 998

Link:  Google Map

Fanpage: Warda Spa Organic


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